About Us


Spray & Seal Solutions is a family business that seeks to enhance and protect residential and commercial concrete by pressure washing and sealing.

 We strive to earn your trust through hard work, kindness, integrity, and honesty.

We realize your concrete is an important investment and desire to complete each job with the same quality and care as we would our own property.  Quality is achieved by using the highest grade products, competent employees, and specialty commercial grade equipment.

Spray & Seal Solutions is owned and operated by Ryan Kline and family.  Ryan grew up in the Ashland and Wayne County communities.  Ryan is committed to excellence in each aspect of his work, be it customer interactions, large commercial jobs, or a small job for a homeowner.  You will admire his attention to detail and efficiency as he works.

Ryan was looking for summer work several years ago and was hired to pressure wash and seal a driveway.  As he learned more about the process, an idea sparked.  This is a service that many other people need as well.  The specialty equipment used to correctly pressure wash concrete is not something that most people have out in their garage.  Ryan knew that he could meet a need in this community by offering this specialty service.  Spray & Seal Solutions developped and strives to provide high quality service for your concrete cleaning and sealing needs.

Allow us to assist you in caring for your driveway where your kids play, patio and entertaining area, or porch where you enjoy the sunsets.